Pluggable Platform for Personalised Multilingual Patent Search (PerFedPat)

Position: proposer and Marie Curie Fellow
Funding obtained: approximately 230.000,00 €
Funding organisation: FP7/Research Executive Agency (REA)
Project URL:
Contact person: Prof. Michail Salampasis

The PerFedPat project aims to research into a new generation of advanced patent search systems for the patent related industries and the whole spectrum of patent users by designing a new exciting framework for integrating multiple patent data sources, patent search tools and UIs. The iPerFedPat system, which will be the main result of the project, will have a pluggable architecture, providing core services and operations being able to integrate multiple patent data sources and patent related data streams, thus providing multiple patent search tools and UIs while hiding complexity from the end user. At the core of the system’s architecture lies the idea of Personalised Federated Search. In iPerFedPat federated search is used as a method for retrieving information from distributed data sets into user’s workbench, possibly operate and/or integrate, and finally deliver to the patent users for using them in a parallel, coordinated way. As a result the iPerFedPat system will be able to provide a rich, personalised information seeking experience for different types of patent search types, potentially exploiting techniques from diverse areas such as distributed information retrieval, machine learning  and human-computer interaction.