Some of the hardware which is directly managed from laboratory staff is the following: 

  • UΝΙΧ Server SGI Origin 200 Quadruple CPUs running on OS ΙRIX (aetos)
  • Dual CPU ΙΒΜ 336 (hydra)
  • Dual CPU IBM with OS W2K (Vod) (Videoconference και video Server)
  • Dual CPU IBM 336 (blackboard)
  • Dual CPU F. Siemens (gypas)
  • Dual CPU F. Siemens (erodios)
  • 1T Network Attached Server (gigas)
  • 3T Network Attached Server(itanas)
  • Dual Pentium (arximedes)
  • Dual Pentium running OS linux dedicated to security (firewall) (tuχ)

For a detailed escription of the infrastructure available to the department of Informatics follow this link